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Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection offered

Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection technology, a new and improved formulation designed to meet the new API CJ-4 service category for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. This technology provides lower wear, better deposit control, and engine cleanliness for both pre-2007 engines and the latest performance and emissions systems technology found on new 2007 truck engines.

The new technology provides on average 50% greater wear protection (ranging from 27% to 88% reduced wear) than the previous formulation. These laboratory based findings are backed up by the results of more than 5.5 million miles of on-highway road testing.

Shell Rotella T with Triple Protection) technology is formulated with 30% more active ashless chemistry for protection against deposits and sludge. It has a detergent system designed for control of high-temperature piston deposit.

E-mail Patricia Singer at [email protected] for further details.

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