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Ship2Save keeps lightening Atlas's load

Ship2Save has installed another radio frequency identification (RFID) system for third-party logistic provider Atlas Cold Storage. With the system, Atlas can offer services to customers that are being compelled to meet RFID mandates.

The latest installment location in Appleton WI is phasing in a Gen2 tag standard that has provided Atlas with more flexible operations. According to Arsalan Ahmed, director of RFID deployment at Ship2Save, “The Gen2 tags that Atlas is phasing in provide a superior read range and reliability for the floor workers at Appleton. This has to do with a improved hardware design of the Gen2 inlays as well as a much enhanced air interface protocol.”

Ship2Save so far has installed its RFID system at two of Atlas’s 55 facilities. The first deployment was in Sikeston MO.

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