Smart Reefer 2 simplifies user interface

Thermo King introduces the new Smart Reefer 2 (SR-2), a microprocessor controller designed to protect loads by simplifying the user interface and employing the latest technology.

For example, the SR-2 is equipped with FreshSet, which reduces product shrinkage, prevents top-freezing, and extends shelf life of fresh produce and other temperature-sensitive products. The keypad can be locked to prevent tampering, and a “mode-lock” prevents accidental selection of the wrong set point or mode of operation.

An automated diesel/electric auto-switching feature continues protecting cargo even if the electric supply is interrupted (for units equipped with electric standby). Audible and visible warnings alert the operator of potential problems.

The SR-2 offers ServiceWatch, a precise, built-in data recorder, as a standard feature. From the time cargo is loaded until it reaches its final destination, the SR-2 can log the history of the trip, including readings for set point, temperature-control sensors, system pressures, operating modes, and alarms — and it has programmable maintenance intervals.

In addition, the SR-2 provides the optional CargoWatch system, which provides temperature and system data for customers' HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) plans. CargoWatch is designed as an independent temperature logger for load verification. It supports six remote temperature probes, four door switches, and humidity sensors.

Thermo King also has introduced the SB-210, SB-310, and SB-310R reefer units, the first of the SB product line with the now-standard SR-2 controller. These units also come with new factory options for R:COM, 1-Box, and Trac-King.

All three units, with SR-2, will be available in the first quarter of 2004. For complete details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

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