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Software simplifies ordering milk deliveries

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative, in conjunction with, has made it easier for processors to order and schedule milk deliveries thanks to Collaborative Milk Scheduling (CMS).

The program lets processors plan milk orders based on consumption, receive real-time tanker truckload schedules, and share and compare milk quality data using a standard Internet browser. Milk schedules and updates are published in real-time views for customers, plants, haulers, and agency partners each to utilize.

CMS has features unique to moving milk, including rejected load handling, stair-stepping, and assigning extra loads to balancing plants. The software platform integrates directly into any milk payroll system and enables customers to plan and order in units they prefer, be it loads, gallons, pounds, or cans, while CMS makes the appropriate conversions. handles CMS configuration and hosting responsibilities. The implementation process takes just a few weeks, typically with no new hardware or software required.

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