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Solo Clutch Comes in Rebuilt Version

The Truck Components Operations of Eaton Corp has unveiled a remanufactured version of its medium-duty Eaton Fuller Solo clutch. Available through the Roadranger System of drivetrain components, this new model's remanufactured design performs the same as a new Solo clutch.

As an adjustment-free clutch, the remanufactured Solo clutch not only remains in constant adjustment, but it also does it on its own — reducing labor costs while also extending life. The remanufactured 14" Solo clutch is available in both single- and two-plate versions and can be a direct replacement for the Eaton Fuller Stamped Angle Spring (SAS) adjustable clutch.

The remanufactured clutch has been engineered to meet the needs of all Class 6 and 7 applications. For more information, contact Eaton, PO Box 4013, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

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