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Spectronics Corp Sues 10 Competitors Over Patents

Spectronics Corp is suing 10 competitors in the United States and Canada for alleged infringement of its recently granted US patents 5,905,268 and 5,816,692. These patents cover ultraviolet and UV/blue light inspection lamps used for fluorescent leak detection in the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning/refrigeration industry.

Patent claims for the Spectroline Titan inspection lamps include special filters that permit safe use of high-intensity light sources in compact inspection lamps. The companies against which Spectronics has filed summons and complaints are: Bayco Products Inc; Century Mfg Co; Cliplight Mfg Co; CPS Products Inc; FJC Inc; Fluoro-Dye Products Inc; Mastercool Inc; Robinair Division, SPX Corp; UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc; and UVP Inc.

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