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Spicer Driveshaft Division Offers Interactive Training

Spicer Driveshaft Division of Dana Corp and software developer Eloquent will conduct a pilot project using interactive software as part of a new training program featuring streaming audio and video that will be made available via CD-ROM or at

Bob Morgillo, warranty/technical support manager for Spicer, said he believes Spicer will be the first company in the trucking industry to offer training assistance of this type.

The first program, which will cover the basics of proper lubrication procedures, was made available in August. It includes the importance of proper lubrication practices, how to grease a universal joint assembly, identifying and analyzing problems that might result from poor lubrication practices, and the impact of poor lubrication procedures.

If the pilot project goes well and the format is positively received by the trucking industry, future training topics will cover proper maintenance procedures, inspecting and tearing down driveshaft assemblies, application and specification guidelines, and rebuilding techniques.

Plans also call for programs that will interlink the software to OEMs, OEM dealers, and trucking trade publications with web sites.

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