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Stand-Up Rider Enhances Operator Comfort

The Crown RC 3000 Series stand-up counterbalanced rider enhances operator comfort and visibility and can operate where space is tight. This stand-up rider is designed for most pallet-handling situations, especially when removing palletized loads from trailers for storage in high-rise racks.

Since the power unit is lowered by 5" and the top cover profile is contoured, an operator can move more naturally in and out of a compartment to perform routine work tasks. A deep-well storage, pencil tray, and clip also are available.

The truck's console and repositioned tilt cylinder mounting offer improved forward visibility. The RC 3000 also includes a suspended floorboard and brake pedal design. This cushions the operator against vibration and shock received from constant crossing of dock boards, levelers, and expansion joints in the concrete floor.

These stand-up riders have lifting heights to more than 22 feet and capacities to 4,000 pounds. For more information, contact Crown Equipment Corp, New Bremen OH 45869.

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