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Stockpicker series elevates VNA productivity

Crown Equipment Corp's TSP Series turret stockpicker is designed to work in a very narrow aisle (VNA) with lift heights to 530" and rated load capacities of 2,000 pounds at maximum lift heights. The Series TSP lets the operator stand or sit during unit load- and case-picking operations.

High-density VNA storage is made more productive with the available 72-volt system. Rapid travel speeds and lifting and lowering speeds are achievable because of the solid four-point suspension and the patented closed-cross-section mast assembly. The four-point suspension distributes truck and load weight evenly across and up and down the aisle. The mast is designed to resist the dynamics of side loading and pivoting a load in the aisle.

The truck also has dual drive motors and drive units that provide even travel for the machine. A brake assembly is located on both drive motors and on each large load wheel. This four-point braking extends brake service life and slows and stops the truck smoothly.

For full information, contact Crown, New Bremen OH 45869.

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