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Straight cable assembly joins Tuffline family

Whitney Blake Co has introduced its Tuffline straight cable assembly as part of its Tuffline truck cord series. This interconnect system is designed to meet the demands of the trucking industry. The Tuffline Green truck cord meets the highest power requirements of ABS and general-purpose red cable assembles to SAE. Each truck cable is pre-engineered with abrasion resistance, extension life, sag-resistant coil memory, and resistance to road salt.

Tuffline truck cables are seven conductor cables used to carry electrical power from the tractor to the trailer. They deliver excellent resistance to fluids of all kinds, including battery acid, brake fluid, diesel fuel, engine coolants, power steering fluid, and other oils. The barrel design of the connector promotes multi-contact points, eliminates pin surface treatment wear, lowers insertion force, and requires no contact grease.

Each truck cable features specially designed connectors and an abrasion-resistant jacket. For more information, contact Whitney Blake, 579 Industrial Dr, Bellow Falls VT 05101.

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