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Striver Simplifies S-Cam Bushing Removal

Safe Shop Tools Inc's new Striver tool S-Cam bushing driver lets mechanics remove and replace S-Cam brake bushings quickly and easily. The Striver saves time and prevents damage to bushings and seals. It provides a uniform edge that slips under the S-Camshaft housing and butts against the bushing; it then drives the bushing out cleanly with a few taps on its handle.

The patent-pending Striver also bypasses the need to remove outboard hubs. With the Striver, the S-Camshaft can slip out of the housing to receive a new bushing. Additionally, the technician can replace the bushing by tapping the Striver's handle, instead of the bushing, which eliminates risk of seal damage. The Striver fits S-Camshaft diameters from 11.4" to 15.8". For full information, contact Safe Shop Tools, POBox 4206, Missoula MT 59806.

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