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Synthashield Extends Oil Change Intervals

American Fine Lubricants is offering Synthashield, a synthetic engine lubricant for long-haul trucks and truck fleets. Synthashield can reduce vehicle operating costs up to 10% by extending oil change intervals to 100,000 miles and increasing fuel mileage up to 8%. It eliminates decomposition, oxidation, and formation of harmful deposits such as gum, varnish, and sludge in the engine.

Originally developed for jet engines and later for space flight, the product features tiny, finely milled man-made particles of graphite, moly, and PTFE colloidally suspended in a 97%-pure base of multi-viscosity lubricants.

The five synthetic liquids in the formula are thermally stable at temperatures from -65 degree F (-54 degree C) to more than 500 degree F (260 degree C). The solids in Synthashield act as miniature ball bearings in the engine, reducing friction, preventing metal-to-metal contact, and reducing engine wear. Other benefits include reduced oil consumption, decreased emissions, improved performance, better cold start-ups, better dry start-ups, and less impact on the environment. Synthashield is completely recyclable.

The initial fill oil is Synthashield Original Formula. Oil level is maintained by Synthashield X-tra Formula, which neutralizes acids. For more information, contact American Fine Lubricants, 10760 Warner Ave, Suite 102, Fountain Valley CA 92708.

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