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Synthetic engine oil extends drain capability

The Valvoline Co has developed a synthetic engine oil, Premium Blue Extreme, that offers extended drain capability and fuel economy benefits for heavy-duty fleet applications. This product meets all requirements for the API CI-4 performance classification, as well as Cummins CES 20078.

Premium Blue Extreme is designed to enhance performance and maintain extended drain intervals — up to 100,000 miles — in select engines under certain operating conditions.

Among this oil's benefits is Dispersive Polymer Technology (DPT), which disperses individual soot particles. As soot particle buildup will lead to clogged filters, DPT technology keeps oil flowing smoothly.

Because EGR engines generate higher operating temperatures that can lead to carbon buildup, the Premium Blue Extreme synthetic design helps manage heat transfer. This oil combines the low-temperature viscosity of an SAE 5W with protective capacity of an SAE 40 to allow engines to operate easier at extremely high and low temperatures.

For full details, contact Valvoline, PO Box 14000, Lexington KY 40512.

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