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System aids drivers operating in reverse

Grote Industries has created an ultrasonic obstacle detection system to provide drivers with increased awareness while driving in reverse.

With the Grote Obstacle Detection System, ultrasonic waves are sent out eight times within one second to detect obstacles within a 150° horizontal field of vision behind the vehicle. When properly installed, the Grote Obstacle Detection System can pick up objects as small as 10" high.

The Grote system also uses a patented signal-processing algorithm within the microprocessor that filters out erroneous signals. This reduces false signals and provides built-in error detection within the system.

Two components comprise this system. The first is a weather-resistant sensor unit mounted to the rear of a vehicle. The second component is a control unit spliced into the vehicle's back-up lamp wiring, engaging it to the transmission.

The control unit is mounted inside the vehicle within easy view of the driver during normal backing practices. It will alert the driver when the vehicle is within about seven feet of an object by using a light and a volume-controlled audible beep. As the vehicle backs closer to the object and thus enters one of the two remaining detection zones, additional LEDs light up, and the beeps get faster. The two components are connected with a cable included in the installation kit, along with hardware and brackets for installation.

For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

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