System keeps Lucky’s tomatoes top-notch

Lucky’s Real Tomatoes has selected Novazone’s storage and disinfectant ozone systems to naturally maintain the quality of its tomatoes.

Based in Brooklyn NY, Lucky’s has been supplying tomatoes to New York chefs, hundreds of restaurants on the East Coast, and foodservice distributors for more than 25 years. Lucky’s tomatoes are field-grown, sun-ripened, hand-picked, and hand-packed. The tomatoes are never exposed to gases and never stored below 55 degrees F.

Novazone’s storage system delivers a specific concentration of ozone into the air for use as a safe but powerful disinfectant. The system naturally kills airborne pathogens and truncates the effect of natural ethylene. Using Novazone’s ozone disinfectant solution to wash its tomatoes, Lucky’s reduces water usage and water disposal, and it decreases operational costs including power and equipment maintenance. Ozone converts back into pure oxygen, leaving product taste, texture, and smell characteristics in their natural state.

TAGS: Foodservice
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