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TCA requests support for fuel surcharge bills

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has joined the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in support of United States Senate bill 1914, the Motor Carrier Fuel Cost Equity Act of 2002, and its companion version in the House of Representatives, HR 2161.

Both bills would mandate a fuel surcharge for those not already paying one when the price of diesel fuel rises above $1.15 per gallon. According to the TCA, such legislation is critical to survival of truck owner-operators and truckload carriers, and to stability of the trucking industry and the overall economy.

To that point, according to the Department of Energy, the average price of diesel fuel April 1, 2002, was 129.5 cents per gallon, compared to 115.4 cents per gallon Feb 25, 2002. That is an increase of 14.1 cents per gallon in less than 35 days. Part of the reason the legislation has received little attention is that fuel prices have been perceived to be fairly reasonable, but this clearly has not been the case, says the TCA.

The group urges its carrier members and their owner-operators to back S 1914 and HR 2161, by calling, e-mailing, and faxing congressmen and senators urging them to support these bills. TCA has prepared a sample letter to fax to representatives immediately. The letter and complete instructions are available online at under the Information Center button; click on the Equipment and Fuel topic.

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