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TCA warns of potential PTDI-related scam

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has been contacted by member Contract Freighters Inc (CFI) regarding a potential scam regarding the Professional Truck Driver Institute Inc (PTDI). A placement manager at a truck driving school phoned CFI and reported that he thought a scam was going on.

The incident involved an individual who had called the truck driving school and told them he was a recruiter for CFI. The placement manager gave the man's name to students to phone. Several called the man, who said he was a recruiter and gave them details. He then asked the students to send $200 to him — via money order payable to David Allen — to cover food and orientation expenses. The man also told them orientation would be in Louisville KY and that he would contact them to pick them up. None of the students sent any money and instead reported the matter to the placement manager.

According to the placement manager, the man who had called identified himself as Jerry Alexander with a phone number of 502-540-3356 and a fax number of 800-740-3397. Two CFI representatives called the phone number and discovered it was connected to a hospital room at the Jewish Hospital in Louisville. The placement manager and the students said they have not talked to this person at this phone number since Nov 13, 2001.

Anyone receiving suspicious calls should phone either Randy Cornell or Tom Hatfield at CFI at 417-623-5229, ext 5737.

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