TCI holds annual conference

TCI Solutions Inc conducted its annual Retail Leadership Conference. At this event in Scottsdale AZ, nearly 200 industry leaders participated in keynote presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and viewed demonstrations of TCI's new products and partner systems.

Highlights included two retailer panel discussions. Executives from Bashas', United Western Grocers, and Supermercados Rey of Panama discussed pricing strategies and the value of using a rules-based pricing approach. Ukrop's and Proctor & Gamble shared store merchandising execution and supply chain collaboration experiences in an interactive exchange.

Conference participants previewed new products, including TCI Retail V4.1, the latest release of the company's flagship system. It delivers many new features and capabilities for headquarters (TCI HQ) and stores (TCI Store) that allow retailers to operate more efficiently and profitably. It also provides support and compliance for new standards: Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), 2005 Sunrise, and Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

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