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Tectran has a handle on air line flexibility

Tectran Mfg Inc has unveiled a complete line of Aircoils and AirPower Lines that feature its new FLEX-Grip handles. FLEX-Grips are factory-installed, tapered, elastomeric handles that flex with air lines, providing kink protection in tight turn situations. They provide the operator with a color-coded, easy-to-grasp handle, with the thickest section of the tapered design protecting lines during repeated gladhand connections. The FLEX-Grip may also be installed on the tractor end of the air line,offering kink resistance in cases where the line is forced to bend near the tractor connection.

Tectran's new PRO-Flex aircoils, Armorcoil single-line and Magnum dual-line aircoils, and AirPower Line wrapped all-in-one straight air and electrical lines all include the FLEX-Grip handle on the trailer end and swivel fittings on the tractor end of each assembly. Options for severe cold weather conditions are also available.
Tectran Mfg Inc | 800-776-5549

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