Teletrac provides electronic DOT report

Teletrac Inc, manufacturer of the FleetDirector vehicle tracking and fleet management system, has announced the availability of its electronic DOT report.

The report is organized into three main sections: Administrative, Driver Log/HOS, and Vehicle Detail.

The Administrative section provides basic vehicle and job information. This includes the vehicle ID, carrier name, shipping documents, office address, driver name, co-driver name, and daily total mileage.

The Driver Log/HOS section contains the graphical representation of the driver's activities during the 24-hour reporting period. The graphic shows on- and off-duty periods, on-duty driving, and on-duty not-driving times. It fully complies with all DOT and FMCSA requirements regarding automatic onboard data recording devices.

The Vehicle Detail section provides specific information on vehicle locations and the associated timelines throughout the reporting period. There is also an area for comments.
Teletrac Inc | 800-835-3872

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