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Temperature-monitoring labels to keep tabs on Albertson's cargo

Albertson's LLC will require temperature-monitoring devices on all inbound produce, fresh meat, and seafood shipments to its distribution centers. The preferred monitor is the PakSense Txi Smart Label provided by PakSense Inc. These labels track the temperature of a perishable product's environment during distribution and enable quality assurance personnel to make better decisions.

A flat, 2" × 2" disk, the PakSense label is sealed in foodgrade packaging. It also costs a fraction of current monitoring systems, which promotes its use in more product shipments. Lights on the sensor alert quality assurance personal if temperature specifications have been breached, and all data collected by the label can be downloaded and graphed. This lets Albertson's pinpoint if, when, and for how long temperature excursions occurred. PakSense labels are intended for one-time use.

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