Ten tips can keep fleets cool when it's hot

Omega Environmental Technologies, a distributor of aftermarket mobile air-conditioning parts and tools, offers some preventive maintenance tips that will keep a fleet's air-conditioning systems working at peak performance during summer.

  • Inspect all hoses for signs of oil seepage and replace if necessary.

  • Check all drive belts for crack or wear.

  • Check inlet and outlet O-ring fittings for leaks and replace if necessary.

  • Evacuate the system.

  • Check the evaporator coil for debris and replace the intake filter if the unit has one.

  • Replace all Schrader valves and check the voltage to both the clutch and the blower motor.

  • Inspect and clean the condenser coil to allow proper airflow through the fins. If necessary, use a fin comb to straighten the fins for proper airflow.

  • Replace the receiver-drier at least every year. The receiver-drier, which contains a desiccant that absorbs moisture that may occur, should always be the last component replaced in the HVAC.

  • Inspect the oil for signs of compressor wear, moisture absorption, or other internal problems.

  • Evacuate the system and recharge.

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