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Thermo King unveils Spectrum multi-temp line

Thermo King Corp. has unveiled Spectrum, a new line of temperature control systems for truck trailers designed to replace its current Whisper line of trailer reefers by the end of this year. The three Spectrum models – The Spectrum SB, Super II, and DE – offer 25% to 35% more capacity, 25% more airflow and 20% faster pull down of trailer temperature than the Whisper line, said Douglas Lenz, Thermo King’s trailer product manager. He added that the Spectrum line also allows for tighter control of temperatures within the trailer through improved mathematical algorithms programmed into its electronic control system.

“We’ve significantly improved the cooling capacity, because the faster you can get the trailer temperature pulled down to the required level for the cargo, the faster you can load and get out on the road,” he said.

Mark Watson, global marketing manager for Thermo King, added that demand for multi-temperature capable trailer reefer systems is growing at a much faster rate. For starters, Watson said, there are guidelines under Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations developed by the Food and Drug Administration that demand tighter temperature control for perishable cargo in order to prevent food-born illnesses.

Watson added that grocery and food service companies want more efficient use out of their trailers because they want to divide up trailer capacity now and haul both, and Spectrum allows them to do that.

The Spectrum SB reefer model allows for three temperature controlled zones to be established within the trailer, while the Super II allows for two zones and the DE for one zone. Maintenance intervals on all the Spectrum models has been boosted from 1,500 to 3,000 hours, said Lenz, reducing maintenance costs to customers.

“What our customers have told is us that they want simpler, more efficient products,” said Watson. “With Spectrum, they can deliver several different kinds of perishable with one trailer at better economics in terms of maintenance and pull down costs than before.”

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