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ThermowarrioR can be repaired in the field

R•O•M Corp has added the ThermowarrioR insulated bulkhead system to its line of food distribution products.

This system features high-technology construction to deliver superior temperature control and water resistance, and its modular components provide long-term cost savings. With the ThermowarrioR's patent-pending reversible seal technology, top, corner, and side seals can be easily removed, rotated, and reattached for like-new seal protection.

Benefits of the bulkhead for food distributors include:

  • Cost savings — Modular design allows field-replacement of individual parts that may normally require the replacement of the entire bulkhead.

  • Optimal temp control — Reversible seals keep the bulkhead at peak performance level while a strong, dense foam core provides optimal strength, moisture resistance, and density for insulation.

  • Water resistance — Vinyl-coated polyester skin laminated to a polyethylene foam layer prevents water penetration to the bulkhead core, which itself repels water.

  • Light weight — Less than 90 pounds on a standard bulkhead.

  • Durability — Impact-resistant layers, high burst strength handles and straps, and heavy-duty hardware.

More information is available at or by phoning 800-827-3692.

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