TIA Refurbishes, Upgrades Web Site

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) has launched its refurbished and upgraded web site on the Internet (www.tianet.org). The revised website contains an updated searchable database (complete with company profiles), easier site navigation, and expanded menu options.

Two of the primary elements of the web site are TIAccess and TIAMarketplace-the online searchable directories of members and associate members.

The upgraded web site also includes information on membership, educational opportunities, CTB program new broker kits, advertising/classified opportunities, meeting information, TIANewswire, and the latest in TIAAdvocacy. Also, a benefit of being a TIA member is the various partnership programs under TIAAdvantage.

A new feature on the revamped site is TIAJournal. This section contains recent article contributions from members and staff on various issues. These articles also run in the printed TIAUpdate monthly newsletter.

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