TIMS may now be combined with TABS-6

Dana Corp and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC have announced that the Dana Spicer Tire Inflation and Monitor System (TIMS) may now be combined with the new Bendix TABS-6 antilock braking system for trailers. The joint technology initiative offers the option to combine Spicer TIMS functionality with Bendix TABS-6, all within one electronic control unit (ECU).

Meanwhile, the new electronics platform also adds several new communication tool options when ordering TABS-6 with TIMS. Among these are:

  • Power line carrier (PLC) provides tire pressure and system status to the tractor and ties into dashboard displays as well as off-board communication systems.

  • In addition to blink codes and Dana PC-based diagnostics, the system is supported by Bendix ACOM PC diagnostics and Roadranger web-based ServiceRanger diagnostics.

  • Digital scratch pads provide data storage that is easily defined by the customer and end-user.

Production for the integrated Bendix TABS-6 trailer ABS with Spicer TIMS is scheduled to begin in June 2005. Dana will continue to offer its TIMS system as a stand-alone product.

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