Tire tips add to safety, benefit bottom line

Michelin is offering commercial trucking fleets and individual owner-operators easy-to-follow tips to improve safety and save money by properly maintaining their truck tires.

  • Drivers should have an accurate pressure gauge (calibrated with a master gauge) and be instructed to check the tires on their truck each day.

  • Conduct a visual inspection of your vehicle's tires prior to operation.

  • Check every tire on the tractor and trailer including inside dual tires (and the mounted spare if the truck has one).

  • Never weld or apply heat to the wheel when the tire is mounted.

  • Properly store tires when they are not in use.

  • Always use a safety cage when inflating tires after mounting.

  • Avoid mixing tires on your vehicle; for example, pairing a normal tread depth with a deep tread depth or a bias-ply tire with a radial.

  • Tire and rim servicing should be done by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures. Always dismount and inspect tires that have run underinflated (less than 80% of recommended pressure).

  • Always dismount and inspect tires that have run under-inflated.

  • Do not “limp in” on a flat dual tire. Doing so causes irreparable damage to both tires because of the increased load the inflated tire must carry.

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