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TireSavers generate nitrogen for tire filling

New from Parker Hannifin Corp are the TireSaver nitrogen generators for truck and automobile tire filling. By using dry nitrogen gas instead of compressed air to inflate tires, one will maintain proper inflation pressure and prevent a major cause of tire failures.

Dry nitrogen gas will extend tire life by up to 20% and improve fuel efficiency by up to 3.3%. In addition, it provides more consistent tire pressure and reduces or eliminates the need to check tire pressures and top off tires.

Other benefits to inflating tires with nitrogen include cooler run temperatures and elimination of rim corrosion and stem clogging.

Five different systems are available to service applications from a small repair garage to large fleet service stations. These wall-mountable systems are designed to produce nitrogen gas from standard compressed air. The systems are shipped complete with a two-stage system of protective pre-filters and a carbon filter enabling the tire inflation system to be used on any compressed air system. For full details, contact Parker, Haverhill MA.

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