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Tootie Pie Co begins trading stock

Tootie Pie Co Inc, a Texas-based baker and seller of handmade pies, has initiated trading of its common stock on the NASD Over the Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol “TOOT.” The stock traded 74,265 shares in its first day of trading and closed at $0.99 per share.

“As customer demand for our pies continues to grow, being a public company will allow us access to the capital markets where we can expect to attract the capital we need to continue our dramatic sales growth, expand our baking facilities, and enhance shareholder value,” said Don Merrill, president and chief executive officer of Tootie Pie.

Tootie Pie’s main distributors are Ben E Keith Foodservices and Sysco Foodservices. These distributors have primarily sold to the central and south Texas markets, although sales are beginning to occur in other markets in Texas and surrounding states. For more information, visit

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