TourSolver helps cut costs

The French company Magellan Ingéniere is introducing TourSolver, its multivehicle route optimization software. This software makes it possible for even small companies to analyze and optimize existing routes and reduce operational costs and planning times.

TourSolver takes into account geographical location, quantities, days and times of delivery, time spent at the customer's location, and visit's characteristics (skills, type of vehicle).It takes vehicle constraints into account, such as geographical location, capacities, working days and times, distance and time costs, overtime management, driving time legislation, characteristics (skills, type of vehicle), and handling of areas closed to traffic.

TourSolver also lets users visualize customers and routes on a map, export maps, and roadbooks to various Microsoft Office formats, manually modify routes after optimization, send maps to real time vehicle tracking services, calculate distance and time between the customers and the vehicle starting points, and integrate results into the company's information system.

TAGS: Equipment
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