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Trailer radial tire combats irregular wear

Bridgestone's new R195F trailer radial tire combines irregular wear-fighting designs for longer original tread life.

R195F incorporates the Defense Groove design that helps create uniform pressure across the shoulder to minimize edge wear and cupping. The patented Equalizer Rib feature combats initiation and spread of wavy wear on the main ribs, while stress relief siping along rib edges fights river wear.

This tire uses a classic straight-rib design that evacuates water from the footprint combined with cross-rib sipes for a solid grip on wet surfaces.

To enhance retreadability, the tire features thick sidewall protector ribs that fight damage and abrasion from curbing. Both sidewalls are ribbed, so when one set of protector ribs is worn away, the tire can be reversed on its wheel for continued protection. Like all Bridgestone radials, R195F's casing is engineered to be retreaded for any axle position, with four full steel belts and an all-steel casing ply.

For more information, contact BFNT, 535 Marriott Dr, PO Box 140990, Nashville TN 37214-0990.

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