Trailer suspension weighs less than 900 lb

Ridewell Suspensions has developed a new self-steering, liftable auxiliary axle suspension system for trailers.

The Model RSS-232T has a capacity rating of 13,200 pounds and is available in ride heights ranging from 10½" to 18¾". The system includes a lightweight, fully integrated axle and weighs less than 900 pounds. The suspension's simple structure reduces complexity, increases strength, and optimizes weight reduction. Key features of the 232T include:

  • A compact mounting envelope as low as 21.7" for mid-mount and high-mount versions and 22.0" for the low-mount version.

  • 13.5" of total axle travel.

  • Long-life urethane bushings.

  • High tensile steel.

  • 28 degrees of wheel cut.

E-mail Kristin Persson at [email protected] for more information.

TAGS: Components
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