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TransCore acquires Vistar satellite technology

TransCore has purchased satellite tracking, monitoring, and global positioning system (GPS) technology assets from Ottawa, Canada-based Vistar Telecommunications, a wholly owned subsidiary of NSI Global Inc. Vistar's technical team will remain based in Ottawa and form the core of TransCore's Satcom Development Center.

Since its inception in 1994 as a dedicated business unit within Bell Canada, the Vistar organization pioneered development of wide-area wireless data products and services. The company launched the satellite-based GlobalWave system that allows users to monitor, manage, track, and communicate with remote and mobile assets from a web site interface. With six ground control stations providing service to five continents, the GlobalWave network supports more than 20,000 users worldwide.

TransCore will be able to offer new services such as automated fuel tax reporting and remote equipment monitoring with two-way communications through its Linktrak service offering. In addition, the firm now has a means to approach the ocean transport and maritime fleet markets and can compete with other companies developing satellite-based tolling.

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