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TransCore provides DSRC, GPS modem

TransCore has developed a combined dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and long-range GPS and satellite communications modem for vehicle safety products.

The modem will offer a more immediate means to support critical safety applications while the nationwide DSRC infrastructure network is built in the next few decades. As DSRC infrastructure becomes available, the system will take advantage of its low usage costs and tailored communication capabilities. In areas without DSRC, either the satellite communications capability or a conventional cellular link can be used to connect to the vehicle.

With GPS accuracy of up to one meter and the versatility of multiple channels to communicate with the vehicle, the modem will enable safety services in the near term as well as the foreseeable future. The new modem, based on TransCore's multimillion dollar research and development of a satellite-based modem for its GlobalWave asset tracking products, will not only be capable of using wideband DSRC locally for control and warnings, but via its GPS and satellite communications technology it also will allow automated reporting of incidents, irrespective of the limitations of local terrestrial coverage. This blend of technologies will allow auto OEMs to deliver integrated preventative safety systems such as automated warnings and collision avoidance for fire, ambulance and police response.

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