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TRU filters help industry meet enforceable CARB regulations

Rypos, manufacturer of a complete line of diesel particulate filters, is working with the refrigerated trucking industry toward compliance with the newly enforceable California TRU regulations.

Those regulations moved forward with recent CARB waiver by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, allowing the state to enforce the reduction of diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions from TRUs by requiring emission control technology. The regulations use a phased-in approach over 15 years. For model year 2001 and older TRUs, the compliance date is July 19, 2009.

The retrofit Rypos low-emission TRU (LETRU) active exhaust filtration systems and the Proventia FTF passive flow through systems “are the only viable systems available on the market today that offer a cost-efficient and effective means to meeting the California TRU emissions regulations,” said Peter Bransfield, chief executive officer of Rypos.

A self-cleaning diesel exhaust filter, the Rypos LETRU uses electrical power from the TRU to regenerate the filter when needed. The Proventia FTF is a passive wall flow filter that uses engine exhaust temperature to regenerate the filter.

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