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Truck capacity reaches six-month high

For the week ending May 14, spot market truck capacity recorded the highest volume for a single week in the past six months as truck availability increased 8.0% nationwide on TransCore’s DAT Network of load boards. Truck postings for all equipment types rose: flatbeds are up 8.4%, refrigerated vans rose 8.3%, and dry vans increased 4.9%, week-on-week. Overall load volume declined 2.3%, according to TransCore Trendlines. Loads designated for flatbeds remained stable while postings dipped for reefers by 6.2% and for dry vans by 4.3%. As equipment capacity rose and load volume declined, the overall load-to-truck ratio dipped from 7.6 to 6.9 loads per available truck (down 6.7%). The ratio fell for each segment: reefers are down 13%, dry vans dipped 8.8%, and flatbeds declined 7.5%, week-on-week.

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