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Truck pays tribute to 9-11's victims, heroes

Inspired by country singer Darryl Worley's song, “Have You Forgotten,” John and Amy Holmgren have created the Rolling Memorial Show Truck to honor victims and heroes of the September 11 attacks on America.

As owner-operators, the Holmgrens decided a Show Truck that traveled the nation could be a valuable reminder of that fateful day and a powerful fund-raiser to help the relatives of September 11 victims achieve educational goals.

With the help of friends, the Holmgrens designed murals to cover their tractor and trailer. The 1999 Freightliner Century tractor features a large mural of a New York City police officer embracing a young child on the driver side and three firemen raising the flag on the hood. The passenger side will feature a scene of firemen covered in dust. In addition, the tractor will list all firemen, NYC police officers, and transit authority members who lost their lives.

One side of the 1998 53-foot Utility trailer with Thermo King SB-III Max + refrigeration unit features the American flag, the World Trade Center towers, and the Statue of Liberty. Half of the September 11 victims' names — including the airline flights involved — are listed as well. The remaining half of the victim's names will be listed on the other side, along with Pennsylvania and Pentagon airplane graphics. The rear of the trailer features the Pentagon and the victims from that attack.

The entire mural project is estimated at $40,000. To raise money, the Holmgrens have participated in various community events as they travel, selling T-shirts and accepting donations. The money is being used to put the finishing touches on the truck and trailer graphics and to help develop and grow the Have You Forgotten Memorial Fund.

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