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Trucks using two batteries can save power

Cole Hersee Co offers a variety of battery isolators for the trucking industry. The solid-state switches are suitable for trucks using a standard battery to start the vehicle and a second battery to run auxiliary appliances in the cab or sleeper.

Battery isolators direct charging current into the battery with the lower charge, allowing the starting battery to properly provide a strong burst of energy to start the engine, while running the equipment off the second battery.

These battery isolators are electronic sealed units that contain two diodes. Power supplied to the middle stud of the battery isolators flows to each of the other studs. As current can flow in only one direction, current cannot drain from one battery to the other, so each stays properly charged. The isolators have long lives because they are solid state and protected against contaminants, and can withstand vibration and temperature extremes. They come in a range of 42 to 250 amps for systems of 12- to 36-volt DC.
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