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TruckTag program to bolster port security

PierPASS Inc has initiated the TruckTag program to enhance security in marine terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach CA by improving the process of checking trucks and drivers entering the terminals.

Under the program, PierPASS will distribute RFID (radio frequency identification) electronic tags to be installed on trucks, similar to the FasTrak and E-ZPass devices used for automated toll collection.

PierPASS will distribute 10,000 RFID tags to trucking companies for distribution to their drivers. When a truck arrives at a terminal, the RFID tag will automatically be read by an electronic reader posted at the gate. Simultaneously, the truck driver will insert his commercial driver's license into a machine that will verify that the driver and truck have authorized business at the terminal.

The marine terminal operators will cover the $1.2 million estimated cost of the program, which is expected to begin by March. There will be no cost to truck drivers or trucking companies for the first 10,000 tags.

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