TSE makes mounting base design standard

TSE Brakes Inc is releasing a new mounting base designed to improve fatigue life in the harshest off-road environments. Incorporating changes to the mounting stud reinforcement plates and weld locations, the new HV (High Vibration) design provides superior reinforcement to the most highly stressed areas of the brake actuator.

Paul Clark, TSE's managing engineer, said “In addressing these demands, TSE has engineered a solution that will benefit all our products, so we are standardizing on the HV design across the board.”

The design has been tested extensively, racking up millions of vibration cycles at resonant frequency and g-loads of up to 50-g output, exceeding conditions normally found in the field. Patents have been applied for, and HV models will begin shipping immediately.

For more details, contact TSE, Fresno CA.

TAGS: Components
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