Turbine Lets Brakes Stay Cool, Last Longer

Stemco has completed a national distribution agreement with Lynnfin Truck Technologies Inc to market BrakeTURBINES, a “brake cooler” using internal turbine technology.

BrakeTURBINES' patented louver design creates a turbine inside the drum. This turbine collects air and forces it out in between the drum and friction material whenever the wheels are in motion. This stream of air not only dissipates heat, but it also expels brake dust and other debris. The cleaning, cooling power of BrakeTURBINES can increase brake life by up to 150%. Since BrakeTURBINES are positioned inside the drum, they are able to consistently reduce surface temperature of the drum and friction material, lowering incidents of brake fade and providing more stopping power.

Manufactured from stainless steel, BrakeTURBINES require less than five minutes per wheel end to install during a brake job. BrakeTURBINES reduce brake noise by removing dirt and brake dust from the drum. Because drum and wheel temperatures are reduced, tires also run cooler. For full details, contact Stemco, PO Box 1989, Longview TX 75606-1989.

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