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TydenBrammall to use NPC cable on seals

TydenBrammall has announced its move to non-preformed cable (NPC) on all single-use barrier security seals. NPC cable, while retaining the same locking strength of preformed cable, greatly prohibits the seat's reuse by unauthorized parties by fraying wildly when cut. This provides an obvious and immediate visual indication of tampering. NPC cable can be found on all Magnum E-Z Loc, Alum-A-Loc, Cable Crimp Loc, Mini-Crimp Loc, Mini Loc, and Bar Code Loc security seals from TydenBrammall.

The enhanced security feature of non-preformed cable originates in the production process when the tightness of the spring steel cable's spiral shape is relaxed during annealing and the ends are spot-welded secure. Now intruders can no longer discreetly hide their security breach by reinserting the cable into the seal.

Contact TydenBrammall, 409 Hoosier Dr, Angola IN 46703 for further information.

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