Ultrasonic parts cleaning eliminates toxins

Omegasonics has a free new guide to the Omega line of ultrasonic parts cleaning systems. Titled You Don't Have to Live and Breathe Your Work, the guide describes systems designed for transmission shops, precision racing, engine rebuilders, and general automotive maintenance. Meeting all Environmental Protection Agency standards, the Omega systems use safe, non-toxic soaps and ultrasound to remove carbon, grease, and sludge and clean parts such as valve bodies, oil coolers, aluminum heads, and pistons.

Four models of varying bath size and power are offered: the Omega Pro at 1,000 watts ultrasound with a 3.5-cubic-foot bath, the Omega Pro Plus at 2,000 watts ultrasound with a 5-cu-ft bath, the Omega Pro Force at 2,000 watts of ultrasound with a 7-cu-ft bath, and the Omega Super Pro at 4,000 watts of ultrasound with a 7-cu-ft bath. For other applications, Omegasonics manufactures a line of tabletop units and can supply custom systems.

To receive a copy of the new guide, phone 800-669-8227 or e-mail [email protected].

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