Unified Western Grocers selects FraudWatch

Triversity Inc has announced that Unified Western Grocers has selected FraudWatch as its loss-prevention system.

Unified, a retailer-owned wholesale grocery distributor in the western United States, will offer FraudWatch to its member base of independent grocers in California and the Pacific Northwest.

FraudWatch is designed to fight inventory shrinkage in grocery retailing, where grocers typically lose 1.8% of sales to shrinkage — much of which occurs at the point of sale (POS). Through T-logs (transaction logs), FraudWatch monitors all POS keystrokes and requires no software installation before use, since it is delivered via an ASP (application service provider) model. FraudWatch offers up-to-the-minute information anytime, from any location via an Internet browser.

In a pilot project at nine stores, FraudWatch automatically generated reports and e-mailed them to Unified's Loss Prevention specialists.

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