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Unit Cleans Carbon From Fuel/Emissions Systems

Robinair's new hand-held 81500 Fuel/Emissions Service Solution cleans an entire fuel/emissions system in 20 minutes or less. This one-step process removes carbon build-up from the throttle plate to the catalytic converter. Benefits include increased fuel economy, lower emissions, and improved driveability.

The ESS cleaner comes in ready-to-use, single-application bottles, with no mixing of chemicals required. An injector allows cleaner to be added into the air intake quickly and cleanly, eliminating the need to tie into the fuel rail.

Because no hose/electrical connections are present, ESS service can be done anywhere in the shop by connecting to shop air. Compact and portable, the 81500 has a body that resists scratches, dents, and corrosion. The unit comes with one bottle of ESS cleaner, injection adapter, misting nozzle adapter, metering valve, and connection hose.

For more information, contact Robinair, SPX Corp, 1224 Robinair Way, PO Box 193, Montpelier OH 43543-0193.

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