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UPS Logistics, Group Tripmaster Corp Team Up

UPS Logistics Group and Tripmaster Corp have announced an agreement to cooperate in a joint development and marketing project for the next release of UPS Logistics Technologies' MobileCast product, version 5.1.

MobileCast is a client/server-based dispatch and delivery tool that bundles dispatch software, GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking, and delivery management functionality with handheld computers communicating over two-way wireless data networks. Tripmaster is an onboard vehicle recording computer (OBC) system.

Tripmaster will provide the vehicle interface to MobileCast, which will use the Symbol 2700 PPT handheld terminal mounted in a cradle. The Tripmaster DT-240 OBC will become the vehicle interface for MobileCast, providing data such as road speed, odometer reading, engine rpm, and fuel consumption, as well as GPS location data and automatic event analysis.

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