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US trucking firm directory offered online

Data on more than 23,000 individual United States trucking firms are offered by Transportation Technical Services (TTS) in the new 1,777-page National Motor Carrier Directory (NMCD). More than 7,400 toll-free and 18,500 fax numbers are included. The 2003 edition reflects firms with 1.1 million trucks and tractors (up 4%), 2 million-plus trailers (up 12%), plus $188.5 billion in revenue (up 10%). More than 2,600 companies are new.

TTS offers the NMCD, plus six other products through its new internet program Additions, deletions, and enhancements are posted nightly on the Internet. All entries have a last-updated field.

To qualify for inclusion, for-hire truckers must file an annual report with the Department of Transportation/state Public Utility Commission, respond to a four-page mail survey, or answer researcher's questions by phone.

Twelve-month Internet access, plus daily updates and the 1,777-page print copy are $395 ($12 shipping and handling). All or any part of the NMCD file is available on CD-ROM (as few as 1,500 companies) at added cost. Firms that opt for the entire database may also download from the Internet for 12 months.

For information, phone 888-ONLY-TTS, visit the web site at, or go to and click on Learn More.

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