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Vibration test data accessible with MicroVibe

The MicroVibe, a portable vibration test and measurement instrument from SKF Reliability Systems, makes analysis of rotating equipment available to virtually any technician in any commercial or industrial setting.

Compact and lightweight, the MicroVibe is made for use with a personal digital assistant (PDA). With features including user-selectable measurement units (English or metric), the instrument offers vibration, time-waveform, and FFT spectrum plots. It also provides technicians with judgment criteria based on ISO standards, enabling an immediate assessment of a machine's condition.

MicroVibe is a card-type vibration meter made to fit the Springboard expansion slot of a Handspring Visor handheld. It accepts a variety of sensors, including accelerometers and electrodynamic velocity pickups. With the MicroVibe, a fully functional PDA can be used for other applications. For example, a user may “hot sync” the Handspring Visor to a desktop computer, then, using available data extract software, save collected vibration data to Microsoft Excel for documenting and review.

For full details, contact SKF USA Inc, 1510 Gehman Rd, Kulpsville PA 19443.

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