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Volvo puts the brakes on vehicle instability

Volvo Trucks North America Inc will offer the ABS-6 antilock brake system made by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC on the Volvo VN and Volvo VHD. Beginning in early 2005, Volvo will offer ABS-6 Advanced with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), to address a range of driving conditions. ABS-6 will be Volvo's standard antilock brake system in North America, while ABS-6 Advanced with ESP will be a customer-specified option.

ESP can apply the brakes selectively on individual wheel ends, depending on driving conditions, vehicle speed, and other inputs from onboard sensors. This assists the driver to reduce speed, keep the vehicle aligned, and reduce the tendency for the truck and trailer to slide or jackknife.

The Roll Stability Program (RSP) — an element of ESP — monitors inputs from sensors and applies all available brakes on a vehicle to reduce rollover potential while turning, a consideration for fleets operating high-center-of-gravity trucks.

The ABS-6 Advanced system overlays existing air brake system architecture and components with advanced sensors and electronic control units to achieve its advanced stability performance. This means technicians require minimal extra training to service the ABS-6. The system also has enhanced diagnostic and prognostic capabilities to assist technicians.

Volvo will offer the ABS-6 in three different configurations: with four wheel speed sensors and four brake modulators (known as 4S 4M), with six sensors and four modulators (6S 4M), and with six sensors and six modulators (6S 6M).

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