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Waltco wins NorTech Innovation Award

The engineering team of Waltco Truck Equipment Co recently won the NorTech Innovation Award for new features added to the company's patented Thermalpak with Voltage Guard power unit. This unit has reprogrammed settings that minimize the risk of false low-voltage readings that could unnecessarily shut down a liftgate.

Microprocessors allow the unit to be programmed to revert automatically to “sleep mode” if the liftgate has been idle for a predetermined amount of time. The unit can be restarted only after the operator provides the correct restart code.

New microprocessors also allow the liftgate to be programmed to count cycles and to display the total amount of time the liftgate has been in operation. The optional Lift-Cycle Counter can be permanently mounted on the truck; a hand-held, plug-in version is also available.

The NorTech award program, now in its 10th year, recognizes successful innovators in northeast Ohio. This is the third time the Waltco engineering team has received the award.

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